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Jul 26, 2018

Before diving into the episode we discuss the possibility of a Sarah Rice vs. Cara Maria showdown and the two big group chat dramas of the week: Cara Maria vs. Angela and Grunt Guy vs. the fans.


Topic Hit List:

  • Shane vs. Kyle's head
  • Tori and Jordan's love affair
  • Cara in over her head playing dating games with a...

Jul 20, 2018

Before getting into what we felt was a sub par episode, we discuss the thrilling Instagram story released by the official Challenge Insta... Man was it JUICY. 


Topic Hit List:

  • Redemption house "viewing room"
  • The obvious aftermath of Kayla and Melissa's fight
  • Cara and Paulie cont... 
  • Bananas big moves
  • Britni + Chuck...

Jul 14, 2018

Shanni Suissa is joined by her new co-host Zach Calhoun. Together they unpack the ins and outs of episode 1. Consider this an intro episode into what is sure to be a phenomenal season. 


Topic Hit List:

  • Zach and Amanda's decision. Smart or weak?
  • Shane vs. Angela...
  • Potential stars
  • Cara x Paulie
  • Banana's potentially...