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Sep 29, 2019

Zach and Shanni predicted this outcome. Here we are another week into War of the Worlds watching another Challenge OG go home. 


Recap Hit List:

  • Elimination celebration
    • Paulie's campaign against Bananas
  • Team USA meeting
    • Josh's speech
    • Paulie and Bananas' deal
  • Daily Challenge: Hooked
    • Reminiscent of some OG...

Sep 21, 2019

Zach and Shanni come in fuming on this week's recap. Prepare for a lot of grunting. 


Recap Hit List:

  • Laurel and Ninja's elimination
    • Twitter reactions
    • Production's blunder
    • The case for Laurel
  • Daily Challenge:
    • Is it wrong to throw Challenges
    • Ashley's outburst
    • Nany Vs Paulie
    • Team UK speaker selection...

Sep 13, 2019

After a nice off season, Zach and Shanni are rested and ready to go. Listen as we discuss all the latest additions to this season of MTV's The Challenge War of the Worlds 2. 


Recap Hit List:

  • General
    • Jemmye & Marie VS Cara Maria.
    • Season name change
    • 1.5 hr episodes
  • EP 1
    • Jordan as the speaker
    • Sean's spicy...