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Mar 1, 2019

It's highly possible Shanni was off her rocker for this episode. A recap full of shade, jokes, tangents and classic MTV's The Challenge talking points. 

Recap Hit List:

  • Amanda being tied up -- deleted footage from MTV
    • Cara Vs Paulie's reaction to it on live
  • Zach, Jenna, Kyle not letting Cara start drama
  • Daily Challenge: Fallout 
    • strategy at play
    • Zach and Zahida resetting the tone
    • Wes' potential throw 
  • FIRE Tribunal 
  • Costume party 
    • Cara Vs Zach
    • Georgia and Bear's fling
    • Kyle Vs Georgia
    • Kyle Vs Paulie
    • Leroy, Kam and Theo's love triangle
  • Double elimination: Ring Tossed
    • Fantastic twist!
    • Selection strategy 
    • Another legend down
  • Wes' GOAT status?
  • Power rankings 


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