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Oct 7, 2019

Shanni flies solo for this recap as Calhoun was too busy crying over his slow facial hair progress. Don't worry he'll be back next episode! 


Recap Hit List:

  • This season's amazing graphics
  • Elimination celebration
    • Tori V Cara - a rivalry to root for
    • Josh V Paulie
  • Team USA meeting
    • Leeroy rebranding himself
    • Nany picked as speaker
  • Spin the bottle
    • Nicole's commentary
    • The Bear, Kayleigh, Georgia, Josh love square
    • CT's impression
  • Daily Challenge: Trivia
    • Strange format with only 6 active players
    • Question and answer rundown
  • Tribunal
    • Esther going in
    • Is Nicole really the smart choice?
  • Night Out
    • Jordan and Tori are adorable
    • Ninja V Nany
    • Georgia V Dee
  • Proving Ground: Trapped
    • Votes
    • Ashley's commentary
    • Is Jenny the future Emily?
  • Next week... 


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