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Oct 16, 2019

Shanni and Zach dive into MTV's The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2 episode 7. This was a spicy week between social experiments, enlightening interviews and a drama heavy episode. 


Recap Hit List:

  • Cara Maria and Paulie's "fakeup" social experiment 
  • Face masks and spa time
    • Bear and Georgia's romantic tension
  • Tori and Jordan's soul contract
  • Daily Challenge: Resilient River Run
    • Ideal puzzle strategy 
    • UK's weaknesses 
    • Ninja V Zach
    • Jordan V Turbo
  • Turbo/Jordan aftermath
  • CT's paranoia and game play
  • Tribunal
    • Rogan V Bear
    • Kyle throwing down
    • CT scrambling
  • Night out
    • Turbo and Nany's friendship
  • Boat trip
    • Turbo and Tori's talk
  • Zach stepping up as team leader
  • Tori and Jordan's talk
    • Tori articulating herself kindly without sugar coating
  • Proving Ground: Hall Brawl Extension Pack
    • "I'm no joke. I bring the smoke." -Bear
    • Strategy possibilities 
    • Bear's strengths
    • What if Rogan was voted in?
  • Bananas' interview with Challenge Mania
    • Ninja's claims in her interview
    • Kyle jumping in
    • Cheating accusations
    • Production insights 


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