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Oct 17, 2018

To listen to the Recaps only begin @ 11:45.

This episode may as well be titled "Tangents." Shanni and Zach divert into a number of various categories and shoot the shit like never before. 

PREcap Hit List:

  • Grunt Guy PSA

Mini Ep 13 REcap Hit List:

  • Kayleigh's eyebrow game
  • Kyle Vs. Paulie
  • Amanda Vs. Zach

REcap Hit List:

  • The BS Vendettas
  • Devin's story
  • Daily Challenge: What goes up must come down
  • Breaking down the defensive strategy of team LL and YB
  • Marie Vs. Ashley
  • Marie Vs. Sylvia
    • The head butt


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