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Aug 25, 2018

 To listen to the REcap only begin @ 14:30 

PREcap Hit List:

  • Are You The One season premiere
  • Wes' Challenge Mania episode part 2
  • Marie's FMOB 

REcap Hit List:

  • Armageddon & elimination
    • Trickle down burn voting
    • Tori & Derrick Vs Joss & Sylvia
  • CT cooking up something delicious in the Redemption house
  • Kam's strategy teasers
  • Daily mission: Dig Deep
    • The brilliant strategy by the females
  • "Queen" Kam's speech
    • Sylvia & Kyle with the Oscar
  • Armageddon & voting results
    • Was Kam's plan worth it?  

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