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Oct 27, 2018

To listen to the REcap only begin @ 38:05.

PREcap Hit List:

  • Season 33 casting spoilers!!! (A Shanni favourite!)
  • Our latest FB poll: Cara & Marie Vs. Shane & Nelson
  • MTV's biggest business blunder to date

REcap Hit List:

  • Armageddon & elimination: Meet Me Halfway
  • The Zach & Amanda aftermath 
  • The unusual amount of mass fan support for Bananas
  • Double DOUBLE Cross 
  • Kam's plan part 2
  • Kam & Kayleigh Vs. Kyle & Brad
  • Armageddon & the redemption challenge: That's The Ticket
  • Kyle's insecurities shining bright
  • The Cinderella Natalie & Paulie win


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