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Apr 7, 2019

Paulie is not just a Calafiore but he is also bringing the CalaFURY to this season of MTV’s the Challenge, War of the Worlds. In the 1.5 seasons we have seen Paulie on thus far, he has 5 daily challenge wins and is 2-3 in eliminations. Paulie originally appeared on Big Brother 18, placing 8th overall. He is a BB legacy with his brother Cody placing second on BB 16. He also has a new podcast called The Lion’s Mentality and we highly recommend everyone check it out.


Interview Hit List:

  • Public perception and criticism
  • The Danielle Maltby Cara Maria story
    • Mental detox post filming
    • Social media backlash
    • Cheating in relationships
  • Why Cara and Bananas’ friendship is ending
    • Social media marketing turned into personal fights
    • Motivation behind Twitter fights
    • Bananas Vs Devin in a fight
  • Favourite childhood Challenge memories
  • Big Brother
    • Cody’s firey side
    • Why Reddit hates Paulie
    • Cody and Christine’s flirtmance
    • Natalie fight
    • Derrick’s genius strategy and life mentality
  • Challenge Twitter
    • Recent drama with fellow cast members
  • Soccer career
  • Working with Ninja
    • Working with Natalie last season
  • Cara’s game play
    • Cara stans
    • The block party
    • A Cara CAMEO


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