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Nov 8, 2019

Zach and Shanni dive into episode 10 of MTV's The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2. This episode was full of tangents featuring Halloween costume talk and our Chipotle "go to".  

Recap Hit List:

  • Jordan & Turbo fight
    • Jordan's Challenge Mania cameo
    • Justin Booth's interview
  • Zach & Nany's friendship 
  • Leroy blaming his votes on the numbers
  • Daily Challenge: Incoming
    • TJ calling out the cast
    • Comparisons to Survivor 
    • Georgia VS Ninja
    • Kayliegh's strategy 
    • Jordan's performance 
  • Nany VS Leroy
  • Tribunal & nominations
    • Logic behind voting Tori
  • Paulie VS Jordan VS Leroy
  • Leroy going off on all the guys 
  • Kayleigh and Kam's master plan
  • Proving Ground
    • Voting chaos - Did Joss make the right move?
    • Elimination breakdown 


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