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Apr 1, 2019

Shanni and Zach continue their new tradition of lethargic recapping. Listen as Zach and Shanni try and unpack this week's episode of MTV's The Challenge War of the Worlds. 


Recap Hit List:

  • Paulie interview debrief
  • Bear and Da'vonne rolling back in the house 
    • Bear's Hawaiian shirt game 
  • Josh crushes on Amanda
  • Daily Challenge: Eye in the Sky
    • Issues with the glasses technology
    • Results
  • Tribunal 
    • Deliberations 
      • Bear the cutest baby
    • Council
      • Josh and Amanda asking the real questions
  • Night out
    • Hookups
      • Kam/Theo
      • Nany/Hunter
      • Kyle/Mattie
    • Ash Vs. Amanda
      • Josh jumping in
  • Ninja killing the yoga game
  • Killing floor


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